1972 MGB GT – Part 3 – Fresh Air Vent, Cabin Heater & Pipes, Water Jets, a Wiring problem found and Engine Test Run.

Before starting work proper, on my project car, I wanted to test run the car for a bit to check the engine out after replacing most of the ignition system.

Being winter, in Scotland, I wanted to check out a few things before I did this…

First the water jets did not work; on the heavily salted roads and driving into Glasgow, I would want them working. In addition the fresh air vent that is hidden behind the centre console was jammed open and there was no heat from the cabin heater to demist the windscreen.

During the journey, bring the car back from Heathrow, it was obvious from the smell that a connection in the manual water jets had came loose. No water would exit the jets but there was a distinct smell of screen wash from the centre console indicating that the manual pump was working, just not how it should.

I figured this would be a quick fix so one Wednesday night I removed the central air vents, which came out easy (and notably where not connected to their air pipes) and found that it was a simple disconnected connection.

From here I could also see that not only were the central vents disconnected, but the main window demist vents were also disconnected, on both ends!

Looking into the air pipes I also found the issue the jammed open fresh air vent (which can be seen in the background of the above picture, closed)… it was jammed open due to one of the windscreen demist pipes, having falling behind the leaver preventing it from closing.

While I fixed the air pipe connections I noticed a loose wire sparking off the stereo casing. Judging for the condition of the female bullet connectors condition, it looked like it was fairly old and must have been shorting there for some time!

I removed the radio that had been fitted somepoint fairly recently… it has MP3 support, a USB connector and SD Card slot. I taped up the loose connection with some insulating tape and will have to investigate further where exactly it should be connected to when I dismantle that area during the rebuild process.

While re-inserting the radio, due to the mess of the wiring behind it I inadvertently disconnected clock and cigarette lighter.

Once reconnected I found I was getting heat to the demist vents, and now the fan switch did not have the water jets squirting onto it, the fan worked (well most of the time, switch seems faulty)… the heater would only give heat to the windscreen and would not fully switch to the centre console vents that continued to release cold air through the driver side, though this would be more than fine for a few test drives.  

So I had water jets and de-mist ability… this would allow me to take the car for a few test runs…

The next morning I used the car for the school run taking Caelan to nursery.

This went fine, with the car starting each time first turnover, so I decided it should be fine to take into a work meeting in Glasgow on Friday. This would be a round trip journey of close to 100 miles and provides the opportunity to the use the motorway there and to use some B roads for 3/4 of the return journey.

The journey into and out of Glasgow went without a hitch! So all going well so far.

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