Introducing Microsoft R Server 9.1 release

“Expert data scientists are adopting Advanced Analytics (AA) and Machine Learning (ML) at a rapid pace. This pace can be significantly increased when enterprise-grade AA and ML are available within environments where the customers’ data is, infusing intelligence into mission-critical applications is made much easier and, enterprises can turn to a single vendor to make the world of AA and ML synthesized and supported with the SLAs they have come to expect. At Microsoft, our mission has been to make this vision of ambient intelligence a reality for our customers. We took the first step with Microsoft R Server 9.0 (, and this follow on release includes significant innovations such as:

• New machine learning enhancements and inclusion of pre-trained cognitive models such as sentiment analysis & image featurizers
• SQL Server Machine Learning Services with integrated Python in Preview
• Enterprise grade operationalization with real-time scoring and dynamic scaling of VMs
• Deep customer & ISV partnerships to deliver the right solutions to customers
• A panoply of sources to help you get started with ease

You can immediately download Microsoft R Server 9.1 from MSDN ( and Visual Studio Dev Essentials ( It comes packed with tons of value built on top of the latest open source R engine that makes R enterprise-class. Also check out R Client for Windows ( and R Client for Linux (”…


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