Trying to install McAfee 8.7i onto a Windows 8 box?

This is probably unsupported since McAfee web site states McAfee 9 is required, but got it working…

If Windows 8 (because McAfee 8.7 is not “friends” with Windows 8) do following (note that Framepgk45 is for Enterprise EPO install, if you have/need to install it; then do it before main McAfee install as below)

  1. Turn of Windows Defender (press start button, then type defender, open it, then goto last tab, then untick on-access scan, click save, then click administration – bottom of menu on left, disable defender, click save).
  2. Open services and change Windows Defender service from manual to disabled.
  3. Turn of UAC (press start button, type uac, open it, then move bar to lowest setting).
  4. Turn of DEP (run command prompt as admin and execute “bcdedit /set {current} nx AlwaysOff” (without quotes)).
  5. Restart device.
    Then: – 
  6. Change Framepgk45, setupvse.exe and Antispyware installers to run as if previous version of windows (all in different folders).
  7. [OPTIONAL if Enterprise] Run Framepgk45 and reboot.
  8. Run setupvse.exe at end choose “run update” and DESLECT “scan” once done reboot.
  9. Run Antispyware and reboot.

Else if not Windows 8 just

  1. [OPTIONAL if Enterprise] Run Framepgk45.
  2. setupvse.exe
  3. run update not scan 
  4. Antispyware